Our Vision

Educators are innovators.


At The Hearts Company, our purpose is to create a more educated youth through providing scholastic resources to children in impoverished, vulnerable and at risk areas.

We believe that no child should be denied the right to education. It is our duty as a human race, to ensure that our children are provided the prospect to learn, grow and contribute to their society. But as a people, we have failed.

When we deny a child the right to educate themselves, we deny them a future, we deny them opportunity, we deny them the right to a living wage, and in turn we subject them to a lifetime of poverty. This poverty is exhibited in the growth of their communities, their country’s industries, and the generations of families trapped in the cycle of poverty brought on by the lack of education.

Through providing tangible resources, technology, training and ambassador programs for at risk youth within their school walls and communities, we are attempting to level the unbalanced playing field we have created.  Here at The Hearts Company, we will utilize the education we have all been handed, by no merit of our own, to pay our opportunity forward and reach as many students as possible to ensure they are given a chance to thrive, grow and contribute to their future and society for generations to come.


Jamie Larson, Hannah Borel, Paulina Priskee
Founders, The Hearts Company

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